Children's Village Menu
USDA Meal Pattern 18 19 20 21 22
Fluid Milk milk milk milk milk milk
Fruit and/or Vegetable bananas nectarines applesauce raisins watermelon
Bread or Cereal cheerios ww bread & butter waffles oatmeal ww bagles & cream cheese
(serve any 2 of the following foods);
Meat or Alternate mac & cheese humus & pita fish (w/ chickpeas, tomato, pesto) cool pasta salad quesadillas
Fruit and/or Vegetable (2 or more) broccoli cucumber cauliflower corn on the cob cool corn & zucchini soup
green beans baby carrots peas plums apples
Bread or Alternate macaroni ww pita triangles ww bread ww fusilli ww tortillas
Fluid Milk milk milk milk milk milk
Other Foods cheese cubes
(serve any 2 of the following foods);
Fluid Milk water water water water water
Fruit and/or Vegetable plums bananas oranges blueberries mixed fruit
Bread or Alternate mixed crackers ww grahams triscuits ww saltines ww ritz
Meat or Alternate soynut butter cheese yogurt hummus
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