cs6220f13 Data Mining

Submitting Summaries, Homeworks, and Projects

We will use CCIS Linux-based scripts for submitting homeworks and programming projects (Thanks to Prof. Alan Mislove); instructions for using these will be included with each project. Note that submitting projects via email is not acceptable, and no credit will be given for these submissions, and no extensions will be granted. You can submit your projects multiple times, and we will grade the latest submission. We suggest submitting your project a few times well before the deadline to ensure there are no configuration errors.

Before you can submit any assignments, you must register for the system with your student ID. This needs to be done only once throughout the course. To do so, ssh into any CCIS Linux machine and execute

bash$ /course/cs6220f13/bin/register-student ID
About to register user 'USER' with student ID 'ID'.  Is this correct? [yn]

where ID is your student ID, with any leading 0s removed. For example, if your NEU student ID is 003044, you would enter

bash$ /course/cs6220f13/bin/register-student 3044

Double-check that the userid and student ID are correct; if so, type y and Enter. If not, type n and Enter. If it was successful, you will see the message

bash$ /course/cs6220f13/bin/register-student ID
About to register user 'USER' with student ID 'ID'.  Is this correct? [yn] y
User 'USER' is now successfully registered for CS6220 with student ID 'ID'.

If you see any other message (in particular, a message with "Error" in it), it has not succeeded. Email the instructor with the error message if you are not able to diagnose the problem.
To submit homework, you will use the CS6220 turnin system described above. It submits all the files under the file or directory you specified. Make sure that 3rd party libraries you used in your homework are included in the submission or accessible from the instructor with absolute path. In particular, you should run

/course/cs6220f13/bin/turnin homework00 /path/to/file_or_directory

if you wanted to submit the homework for homework00 (see the table below for the list of assigned homework numbers and submission keyword). When run, you should see output that looks like

bash$ /course/cs6220f13/bin/turnin homework00 ./
Warning: Project homework00 is actually due at 1380081599.  Are you sure you wish to submit it now? [yn]: y
  Added file run.py (41 bytes, md5 ca9b87...)
  Added file cs6220_start (40 bytes, md5 195ebb...)
Successfully submitted homework00 for user yerihyo (confirmation LiHU8Y).
Submitted a total of 2 files (81 bytes) in 1 directories.

Sending confirmation email to: yerihyo@ccs.neu.edu

The script will print out every file that you are submitting, make sure that it prints out all of the files you wish to submit. Finally, make sure you see the "Successfully submitted" message at the end. You should also receive an email confirmation of your submission. If you receive any other error messages, email the instructor with the error message if you are not able to diagnose the problem.

List of homeworks

name code due
homework 0 homework00 Sep. 24, 2013
homework 1 homework01
homework 3 homework03


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