Roboking : path finding algorithm project

This was a joint project with 'LG Electronics Institution of Technology' to make a controller of LG Roboking (V-R4000) in an undergraduate course 'Project I'.


  • clean the room once as large area as possible
  • no time restriction


  • the space is closed by wall (if you follow perimeter, you will get back to the original position)
  • objects other than wall exists
    • objects can be anywhere (island)
    • objects are large enough to be detected by sensors
    • objects are static (objects do not move)
    • robot should not hit any object
  • no hijacking (human doesn't lift and move the machine while algorithm is running)
  • no remote control (algorithm should run by itself without any help from outside)


  • 7 infrared readers
    • one in front, one in the right, two between right and front, same on the left side
    • read the distance between the machine and the object in front ranging from 0~30 cm


  • keeps a map updated inside the machine
  1. while there is any space left
    1. clean the room following the perimeter of uncleaned area
    2. come one step inside


  • wheel sliding problem
    • wheels slide and move less than what is recorded in the machine.
    • little mistake in distance while turning can lead the machine to somewhere totally different
  • sensor inaccuracy
    • distance recorded from infrared sensor unstable
    • when objects are too close, the sensor returns distance value of 30cm


Kang, Moonyoung: Team Leader, Roboking Path Finding Algorithm, GUI for Roboking
Lee, Miyeon: Wireless network
Park, Soyoung: Map Making Algorithm
Jung, Heedong: Path Finding AlgorithM

developing Period

Mar. 2006 ~ Jun. 2006


source code
mid-term report: MS-word(korean), PowerPoint(english)
final report: MS-word(korean), PowerPoint(english)

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