Moonyoung Kang

Ph.D Student
Northeastern University

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email: yeri...@...
phone: +1-339-707-0082


email: m...@...
address: 472 West Village H, 360 Huntington Ave., Boston, Massachusetts 02115

emergency contact

Boston: +1-339-707-0083 (Jong-Mi Lee)
Korea: +82-2-543-3820 (home) / +82-11-9887-0026 / +82-11-9887-0027


M.L.T, Carnegie Mellon University Language Technologies Institute (Aug. 2007 - Aug. 2009)
B.S.E., Seoul National University Computer Science and Engineering (Mar. 2001 - Aug. 2007)

work experience

Research Scientist Cambridge, MA, USA (Sep. 2009 - Jul. 2012)
BBN Technologies

Research Assistant Pittsburgh, PA, USA (May. 2008 – Aug. 2009)
At the lab of Prof. Carolyn P. Rosé, Language Technologies Institute, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

Military Service Yongin, Korea (Sep. 2003 – Sep.2005)
Served as an interpreter and secretary soldier between Republic Of Korean(ROK) Army and Combat Support Coordination Team(CSCT), US Army.

Tutor Seoul, Korea (Nov. 2000 - Sep. 2003)
Worked as a tutor of three high school students. Taught mathematics, physics, and biology.


Integer Linear Programming Formulation for Multi-day Single-city Trip Plan (2013)
Kang, M.
EuroCHRIE 2013

Integer Programming Formulation of Finding Cheapest Ticket Combination over Multiple Tourist Attractions (2013) [slides]
Kang, M.
Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2013 (Proceedings of the International Conference in Innsbruck, Austria, January 23-25, 2013). Berlin - Heidelberg: Springer

Mandarin word-character hybrid-input Neural Network Language Model (2011)
Kang, M., Ng, T., Nguyen, L.
Interspeech 2011

SIDE: The Summarization Integrated Development Environment (2008)
Kang, M., Chaudhuri, S., Joshi, M., Rose, C.
46th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies

Supporting the Guide on the SIDE (2008)
Kang, M., Chaudhuri, S., Kumar, R., Wang, Y., Rose, E., Cui, Y., Rose, C.
9th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Analyzing the Regularity of Genomes Using Compression and Expression Simplification (2007)
Jungseok Shin, Moonyoung Kang, R.I. (Bob) McKay, Xuan Nguyen, Tuan-Hao Hoang, Naoki Mori4, and Daryl Essam
10th European Conference on Genetic Programming

Code Duplication And Developmental Evaluation In Genetic Programming (2006)
Kang, Moonyoung, Shin, Jungseok, Hoang, Tuan Hao, McKay, RI (Bob), Essam, Daryl, Mori, Naoki, and Nguyen, Xuan Hoai
10th Asian-Pacific Workshop on Intelligent and Evolutionary Systems, IES2006


Taking advantage of Wikipedia in Natural Language Processing (2008 - unpublished)
Tae Yano, Moonyoung Kang
literature review


Research Scientist, BBN Technologies (Sep. 2009 - present)
Master student, Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University (Oct. 2007 - Aug. 2009)
B.S.E., Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (Mar. 2001 - Oct. 2007)

Founder, group leader and member, Steel Town Stompers swing dance performance group (Nov. 2008 - Aug. 2009)
Organizer, Chicken Swing (swing dance student organization), Carnegie Mellon University (Oct. 2008 - Jul. 2009)
Translater and secretary, Republic of Korea Army, Seoul, Korea (Sep. 2003 - Sep. 2005)
President, Popo (now UPnL: a programming study group in SNU CSE), Seoul, Korea (Jan. 2003 – Sep. 2003)

test taken

GRE General(Verbal/Math/Analytic Writing)
CBT 560(76%) / 800(94%) / 4.5(52%) (Jul. 2006)
PBT 510(62%) / 800(94%) / 4.0(32%) (Jun. 2006)

GRE Subject(Computer Science)
880 (99%) (Nov. 2006)

30(Reading) / 30(Listening) / 24(Speaking) / 27(Writing) (Oct. 2008)

2nd Level (Feb. 2007)

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